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All our products come with an appropriate guarantee and are certified free of material and manufactural defects. We are thus able to offer you peace of mind.

About Us

We are dedicated to customer service and thus strive to exceed your expectations constantly. Skills development and training is endless as we endeavor to achieve excellence across all areas of our business and enhance product knowledge in order to best serve you and to meet your needs.

Established in 1997, Gauteng Trolley & Wheels has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Industrial Trolleys and Materials Handling Equipment both nationally and to neighboring countries. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing top-quality products and friendly, personalised services to our customers.

Gauteng Trolley & Wheels was founded and runs on the B-BEE Principles. We are completely owned by the previously disadvantaged demographic of South Africa, and constantly strive to reach out to other areas and opportunities for transformation and upliftment. We take pride in our BEE status and ensure that those at a disadvantage are employed at our organisation.

Our core belief is to conduct all business activities with honesty, assiduousness, competence and efficiency in order to fulfil our mission – to provide a high-quality product coupled to the most professional, affordable service possible.

Our success can be attributed to our excellent product knowledge and our commitment to excellence in product manufacture, service delivery, reliability and affordability.  We source only the finest-quality steel, castors, wheels and other components from suppliers. In addition, our products are manufactured by skilled laborer’s. This ensures that the quality of the product is not compromised.  

Our product range is vast and is constantly expanding to meet changing demands, offering you a diverse choice.  Custom-made items are available if any of our products do not meet your required specifications.


We Stock

an extensive range of institutional and industrial castors and wheels, used in the building, mining and retail industries, all of which have been augmented for almost every conceivable use.


Our Product

range includes both aluminum and fiberglass ladders, as well as scaffolding for the local maintenance and building industry.  


Our Steel Trolleys

are perfect for the hospitality, retail and food industries as they easily transport goods in and out of restaurants, bars etc, as well as in the maintenance industry.


The Warehouse

and access equipment range makes light work lifting and hoisting in the logistics, storage and warehouse industries.


We Are Happy

to discuss your requirements and recommend tailored solutions to meet your requirements and needs. Any custom-made items that you may require are manufactured on site, ensuring that the highest standard of excellence is adhered to.

“Listen with curiosity … Speak with honesty … Act with integrity”

Mission Statement

It has always been the company’s mission to participate fully in the mainstream of economy, with our focus being on job excellence & creation. We believe in the integrity of our client, with our main objective being customer service and satisfaction.


Gauteng Trolley & Wheels stock and supply a large range of institutional and industrial castors and alloy wheels for the building, mining and retail industries. We have extended our product range to include aluminum and fiberglass ladders, as well as scaffolding for the local industry.

Custom-made items are available if any of our products do not meet the required specifications of our customers.


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