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  • Aluminium Ladderstage


    • Provides a 2,4m walkway with guardrails, to reach work heights between 2,9m and 5,2m
    • One hand instant height adjustment in 0,3m rises
    • Brake lock castors
    • One man can erect the ladderstage in five minutes and roll it anywhere.Can be manufactured to fit through a standard single door upon request.
    • Packs flat for transport
    • Load rate: 2 men plus hand tools

    Model Range

    Closed Height Extended Height Length Width Weight
    2.28m 3.31m 2.1m 0.9m 40kg


    Extra Features


    Upon receipt of your ladderstage the following instructions need to be followed to assemble the unit:

    1. Take one of the ladders (left) and fasten the brake on the castors.
    2. Repeat on the other ladder (right).
    3. Take two horizontal braces and place at the bottom of the left hand ladder section. Insert bolt through hole in ladder and fasten the wing nut.
    4. Repeat on the right hand ladder.
    5. Take the diagonal brace, attach to bottom of left hand ladder using the common bolt and wing nut.
    6. Attach the other end of the diagonal to the hole at second top rung on right hand ladder.
    7. The inverted diagonals (attached to fly section) may be attached to the pull-up bar in the centre of the unit with bolt and wing nut.
    8. Place the platform in position.
    9. Attach the horizontal (guard rails) at each side on the top of the ladder and fasten with a wing nut.
    10. Grip the pull-up bar firmly and lift the platform to the required height.
    11. Run the ladder lock past the required height rung and lower in order for the lock to locate properly.
    12. You may now use the ladderstage.
  • Mobile Safety Ladder/ Mounty MLH Range

    Galvanised finish
    Spring loaded castors or kick lock mechanism

  • Mobile Safety Steps/ MS Range

    Galvanised finish
    Spring loaded castors or kick lock mechanism
    Stable robust construction

  • Painters and Extension Trestles


    • Painters Trestles & Extension Trestles are robust, durable products.
    • They are portable and can be erected by one person.
    • The hard wearing, custom built platform is lightweight and recommended for additional safety.

    Model Range

    Code Size Working Height
    ATE 610 6-10 1.8-3m
    ATE 712 7-12 2.1-3.6m
    ATE 814 8-14 2.4-4.2m
    ATE 912 9-14 2.7-4.8m
    ATE 1018 10-18 3.0-5.4m
    ATE 1120 11-20 3.3m – 6m
    ATE 1220 12-20 3.6m – 6.6m
  • Tubular Steel Scaffolding


    • Tubular steel construction
    • Electro-galvanised finish or powder coated
    • Different colour specifications available on request
    • Minimum quantities applicable to requests for different colours
    • Inter-locking construction
    • Compact storage
    • Simple to erect
    • No bolts and nuts
    • Suitable castors are available

    Model Range

    FRAME SIZE            – 1.2 x 600mm

    •        STS42 frames
    •        STTB42 tie bars
    •        STCB42 cross brace
    •        STPLAT42 platforms
    •        FG100NY35A

    FRAME SIZE            – 1.5 x 900mm

    •        STS53 frames
    •        STTB53 tie bars
    •        STCB53 cross brace
    •        STPLAT53 platforms
    •        FG100NY35A

    FRAME SIZE            – 2.1 x 900mm

    •       STS73 frames
    •       STTB73 tie bars
    •      STCB73 cross brace
    •      STPLAT73 platforms
    •      FG100NY35A

    FRAME SIZE            – 3.0 x 900m

    •      STS103 frames
    •      STTB103tie bars
    •      STCB103 cross brace
    •      STPLAT103 platforms
    •      FG100NY35A

    Extra Features

    No extra features available

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