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Aluminium Extension Ladder – Extra Heavy Duty DMA Range



  • Unmatched combined benefits
  • Only Gravity can offer the benefits of flat platform rungs combined with box section side rails which give these exclusive combined benefits
  • Platform rungs give increased safety and comfort while reducing fatigue
  • The box side rails stop ladder ‘twisting’ in the way in which ‘C’ section side rail ladders do
  • The patented rung/side rail joint further prevents ladders ‘twisting’ in the middle whilst climbing
  • The box side rails give good sideways stability – about 2,5 times better than ‘I’ beam side ladders
  • Our rung/side rail joint reduces wear preventing loosening of rungs
  • The much larger ‘platform rung’ is about 4 times stronger than a round rung and will not bend
  • The stronger rung prevents rungs from pulling out of the side rail inwards
  • The larger rung prevents rungs ‘punching through’ the side rail
  • The ‘interlock’ side rails eliminate clamps and damage often associated with clamps
  • The Gravity safety ladder locks prevent accidental lowering of the ladder and related dangers
  • Square rungs prevent rung turn
  • Gravity rope and pulley system for easy extension
  • Maximum Static Vertical Load rating – MSVL – 150kg


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